Red Ribbon Week

So I’m going to talk about what I did for Red Ribbon Week. First, we wore red shirts for no drugs. Next,we wore bracelets and got a ribbon that said don’t do drugs. Last, we made a blog that said never do drugs. Also we said why it’s bad for you and why we did Red Ribbon Week.

Red Ribbon Week

I’m going to talk about the billboard that I put on the street. The billboard is to inform you to not do drugs because drugs are bad for you and can harm you. Drugs are very very bad and can get you in car crashes. Drugs can also cause people to do such bad things.  That’s what Red Ribbon Week is for.

About Me!

My name is Collin and I’m going to tell you all about me. First, my favorite color is orange, it’s a cool color , its the color of lava. Next, my favorite game is Minecraft.  It is a game where you can build and try to beat the game but first you have to get all the stuff to get to the end. to get to the end you have to get eyes of ender, but you have to get to the nether and that’s why like Minecraft. Last, my favorite food is pizza, pizza is a popular food you can get different types like olive, pepperoni, cheese, and many more. i like the grease on the pizza and the cheese i love cheese! That’s all about me! I made this blog to share about me and to see other peoples blogs.


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